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Non Profit Segment

Running a Nonprofit is very rewarding, but it can be challenging as well. First of all, the staff is usually small and tasks must be given to people who have little or no training in the area required. No where is this more true than in doing the books. Few Nonprofits can afford to hire a true CPA or a fulltime bookkeeper to handle the accounting functions, and many nonprofits are small enough that keeping the books isn’t a fulltime job anyway. Many end up just having the Executive Director or the Administrative Assistant enter the transactions when they have the time.

Nonprofits have very particular reporting needs that most other businesses using QuickBooks® do not have. For instance, only Nonprofits need a Profit and Loss report compared to the budget for the board; only Nonprofits have to track how a restricted grant was spent; only Nonprofits need expenses reported on a by program basis; and only Nonprofits have to track pledges, membership dues, tuitions, and so on.

Course Outline

Non Profit Segment

Target group; Accountants Book Keepers, Auditors, Trainers, Consultants

Training Schedule: Every Monday  & Tuesday

9.00 am- 4.30pm

No of hours: 15 hrs 2 days,

Costing – 15,000 Payable in Full.

No of Seats:-10


Day 1:

  • Understand the Accounting Software Tier Groups
  • Understand the various versions of QuickBooks
  • Checklist before setting up a company file for NGO
  • Setting up your company
  • Navigating around QuickBooks efficiently
  • Understand The Dynamics of a going concern
  • Set up the chart of Accounts for NGO’s
  • Understand the difference between Non Profit and Profit based
  • How to capture the opening balances correctly
  • Use & misuse of general Journals entries

Day 2:

  • Understand Cash Vs Accrual accounting concepts in QuickBooks
  • How to record Incomes without using journals
  • Recording Bills and Expenses using Cash/Accrual methods
  • Tracking and accounting for Field advances
  • Use of classes for Projects accounting
  • Banking: bank reconciliation & locate discrepancy
  • How to close the Books
  • Handling Budgets in QuickBooks
  • Reporting tool and
  • Use of Find feature
  • Use of Payroll control Accounts.

After these trainings you will be able to:

  • Create reports to show how Programs are performing
  • Create reports comparing performance to the Annual Budget
  • Track Grants and Pledges
  • Track Membership Dues and Student Tuitions
  • Generate Year-End Donor Acknowledgements
  • Track Special Fund Raising Events
  • Track your Volunteers
  • Automatically Allocate Expenses between Programs/Grants & More