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QuickBooks is the leading accounting SME’s software for many businesses. It’s always thought and assumed that QuickBooks is easy but is it really that easy? What of the Fraud commonly committed by users in an organization? What of the weakened internal control systems that perpetuate the unreliability of the QuickBooks itself as a package? What of the numerous user related mistakes that have a drastic effect on the outlook of the reports relied upon by the management to make key decisions? Well the list of concerns is endless that’s Why we have this exciting QuickBooks Connect training seminar to address some of this important issues. Prepare to come and meet the Leading Experts.

Participants: Inviting all Accountants, QuickBooks Pro consultants, Auditors, Entrepreneurs and small business owners for an exciting:


Quickbook Training Consultants Somalia

Programme highlights and agenda:


1. Fraud Detection: Detecting fraud using QuickBooks in your organization

2. System Audit : Understanding the system Audit mechanism processing using Client Data Review tool in QuickBooks.

3. Internal Controls: Strengthening the internal controls of your Organization using QuickBooks

4. Cutting Costs: Get to Learn how to cut cost using QuickBooks

5. Paper Less Office: Managing a paperless office with QuickBooks

6. Data Security : safe guarding your QuickBooks data security

7. Staff Appraisal: Staff performance appraisal using QuickBooks.

8. Remote access: Work remotely away from office on your QuickBooks

9. Common User Mistakes: Common and avoidable user mistakes with your QuickBooks

10. Get faster and pain free Audits. How to effectively reduce the time required for end year audits


11. Efficiency : Enhance efficiency in your Organization using QuickBooks

12. Data Modification : “Closing your books” effectively and avoiding modification of data

13. Audit Trail function: Effective use of audit trail in your organization

14. Inventory : Things you should not do with QuickBooks inventory

15. Work in Progress mechanism: Successful Modeling of a manufacturing process through the use of Work in Progress in QuickBooks.

16. Dynamics of multiple currencies: Appreciating the Dynamics of multiple currency and the effect of currency revaluation in your QuickBooks.

17. Functional System: The essence and ingredient of a good working QuickBooks system

18. Reducing inherent risks and strengthening accounting applications.

19. Landed Cost: Costing techniques from FOB to Landed Costs in QuickBooks.

20. QuickBooks Modular Concept: Understanding the modular concept of QuickBooks. “Come Learn, Understand, Discover, Maximize, Know, Participate and connect”.